Sample Conversations

Below are a few examples to give you some ideas that you may want to adopt.

“May I speak to Adam Scottley? Hello Adam, this is Clive Master of ABC Financial Advisors, calling about the life insurance information you recently requested from life-insurance-online. I’m looking at the information you submitted here and it seems you’re considering a policy with a benefit of R 1 million, is that correct?”

The important part in this opening is that you make it clear that you are following up on an actual request that your prospect made online. Once they know you’re calling with detailed information for them, they’ll be more receptive to the rest of your pitch.

Now you make the case for the convenience of working with you.

“Is now a good time to talk? … Good .If you would like, I could run through some other options available on the Life Insurance policies, or perhaps look across a number of other companies and provide you with a few independent options. To do so I would need to confirm the information I have in front of me. Are there any other benefits you would like me to consider when doing so, such as Disability Income protection, or perhaps Severe Illness Cover? Feel free to ask any questions if you need more information.

I’m here to answer all your questions.”

If the prospect is pressed for time

“I understand, Adam. Is it okay to send or email you some information to go over at your leisure? Remember, once you’re ready to make a decision I can walk you through the application process right over the phone, or if you feel more comfortable, we should meet to do the paper work.”

Sometimes it may be better to simply ask for a follow up phone call, rather than trying to schedule time to show up at their door.

“Why not take your time with the information I have sent through. And if at any stage you have any questions, when would be a good time for me to follow up with you? Is Wednesday good?”

When closing remind them you are always available to them, only one simple phone call away.

“Thanks for your time, Adam. Remember, you can contact me directly on my mobile at any stage, and we can go through your options. Can I give you my phone number in case you need it?”

This is one example, but our members us many different approaches, and with experience on internet leads, you too will build up your own unique approach. Also remember to send a follow up email, outline your strengths and salient advantages of doing business with you. Qualifications and Experience always add to credibility.

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