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FirstLIFE aims to promote individuals, as well as the Intermediary body as a whole. With this in mind we ensure that everyone who joins, meets the standard, to ensure we have confidence that the South African Consumer will be well looked after.

Remember, its time we take back our image, and tackle the onslaught of negative marketing by certain Direct Companies to ensure we build credibility back into the words “Intermediary, Advisor, Financial Planner, Broker and Agent”.


    If you are the kind of Financial Adviser who sends faxes because you cannot send an e-mail then this is not for you. If you are able to operate Outlook, Internet Explorer, a printer and a cellphone then you are certainly on the right track and we would love to hear from you.


    All of our clients request online quotes in English and receive English e-quotes, therefore the best close ratios are generated by those who are able to read, speak and write fluently in English.

    Below you will find a few of the characteristics we find important in our members.


    We all live in a rainbow nation, and our aim as Financial Planners is to empower the consumer to take control of their financial destiny, to build and protect their wealth.


    If we are to take back our image, and industry, and ensure the ultimate growth of the Intermediary market in South Africa, we need to adapt to the changing legislative and marketing environment. A high degree of flexibility in our approach to new clients is needed. We can’t expect prospects to work they way we demand, we need to meet our new clients in a way that suits their current needs.

    Our members are eager, adaptable, positive, dynamic and open to change. The traditional ways of conducting business are becoming old fashioned and expensive; FirstLIFE members embrace change.


    This goes without saying! Apart from the relevant industry experience and qualifications required to be a Financial Adviser, we require our members to have at least 2 years industry experience. On top of this, we believe education, and knowledge are they keys to good advice. An NQF Level 5 with 120 credits education will put you at the front of the queue.


    For those of us who have written our Regulatory 5 exams we know that it is not necessary for a Financial Adviser to be financially solvent. At FirstLife, we believe that if you looking after clients financial plans, we need to first be able to look after our own.

    Financial sound financial advisors, enjoy credibility with consumers.

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