Lead Pricing

Every member has a different profile of customer they would like to work with.

Our aim to ensure our members have flexibility to target prospects, while ensuring all consumers using our systems are serviced by professionals.

Marketing costs our split based on a members personal choice of prospect profile. Our main pricing criteria are Income Levels of Prospects. We also utilize an area rating to ensure a balance supply and demand.

Free filters may also be applied to assist members in profiling education and age of prospects. FirstLIFE has divided South Africa into two major sectors. Namely Financial Hubs and Farming / Industrial Hubs. Members working in these hubs choose from a range of client profiles representative of the area they work in.

Below you find a small outline as to how this works. Pricing values in the table are illustrative, as FirstLIFE utilizes a variable pricing module proving a unique price for every lead across 12 income profiles. Contact us for more information. The pricing module allows our members to achieve higher returns on investment when spending with FirstLIFE

Financial Hubs (Johannesburg | Cape Town | Pretoria)
Prospect Profile Income Band Avg Price
"A" Income Profile Above R 55,000 pm R 635.00
"B" Income Profile R 25,000 pm to R 55,000 pm R 410.00
"C" Income Profile R 10,000 pm to R 25,000 pm R 240.00
"D" Income Profile Less than R 10,000 pm R 115.00


Farming & Industrial Hubs: All other areas (Bloem, Durbs, PE, etc)
Prospect Profile Income Band Avg Price
"A" Income Profile Above R 41,666 pm R 570.00
"B" Income Profile R 20,000 pm to R 41,666 pm R 330.00
"C" Income Profile R 5,000 pm to R 20,000 pm R 185.00
"D" Income Profile Less than R 5,000 pm R 60.00


For more information regarding our pricing and membership please complete the membership enquiry form.

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