Our Commitment to our Members

When you join FirstLIFE to become part of South Africa’s fastest growing marketing membership for intermediaries, you become a partner in success. You will be able to increase your sales and save loads of time. Partaking in leads from FirstLIFE lets you get into the internet marketplace without the expensive systems, and online marketing costs that is Internet Advertising. We also ensure that each member gets what they want, without wasting marketing money on profiles of prospects which fall outside of their target market.

FirstLIFE is an efficient and cost-effective way of getting in front of new prospects.

There are other marketing companies out there. Some set up appointments for FREE Financial Plans, while others generate “Please Call Me” internet leads, and then sell them up to 4 times. At FirstLIFE we commit to bringing you quality, along with quantity in a fair manner, so that you can remain competitive

Here are the 5 commitments that back up every lead:

  • 1Leads with Real Interest

    We don’t generate leads by giving away prizes. We don’t enticed customers with false advertising. We don’t just supply a name and number. Our prospects are genuinely looking for Life Insurance. And we ask them to give us a whole load of information.

    Our leads are online insurance shoppers with real interest.

  • 2Leads Are Never Oversold

    Unlike some databases which have been over booked, or over sold, our leads are fresh insurance shoppers. But to give our members the best chance of success, we have a very simple rule: ONE MEMBER – ONE PROSPECT. We never sell a lead to more than one member. Our GateKeeper technology ensures this, and we are happy to credit any duplicate which may come about. Some internet lead generators sell their leads up to four times. Good luck selling a policy when you’re the 20th agent to get a lead on the phone.


  • 3You Control Your Leads

    At FirstLIFE, we do not force you to take a minimum volume of leads. We also do not push leads to you. You remain in full control of how many, and when you take leads. We use our in house software, PALMS, which puts the control in your hands. Our preset filters ensure that only leads that match your selection are put in a queue for you and any other member with a similar filter.

    The first member to push the “Get Lead” button is allocated the prospect. There’s always another one on the way. One Member – One Lead. PALMS provides you with the tools to sort, track, and follow-up with your leads – all with a few clicks of your mouse. PALMS also allows for us to set daily and campaign maximums on leads so we can help you budget.

  • 4You Don’t Pay For Bad Data Leads

    Our leads are backed by our no-hassle returns policy. If you should pull a lead which has bad contact details, or rubbish data in the names filed (Mickey Mouse will always try show up) then simple request a credit from our concessions team.

    Our Concessions Quality Assurance department manually verifies all lead returns. If an invalid lead slips through, you get credit for it

  • 5You Keep All Your Commissions

    We aren’t dong the selling. So we don’t want your commissions. You work hard, so you keep everything. We charge a flat, once of fee for our leads. Period! You do the sale – you keep the commission.

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