Membership Benefits & Pricing

FirstLIFE Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Sales and Marketing Support from CFP level Financial Advisors
  • Membership Meets to share and discuss sales success and strategies for selling to online generated leads
  • Ongoing Support and Training Sessions – by professionals
  • Instant access to existing Lead management Software at no extra cost
  • Personal Promotion via Advisor Profiles on FirstLIFE Intermediary Sites
  • Personalised email address you@firstlife.co.za
  • Benefit from Corporate Sponsorships to membership
  • Reduced Marketing Costs by FirstLIFE Securing Support and Advertising
  • Exclusive Access to Profiled Leads for Insurance via FirstLIFE's PALMS system (cost per lead basis)
  • Access to Future Lead Programs i.e. Corporate, Business Insurance, Etc
  • “Cash Back” Credits based on average member spend with FirstLIFE
  • Quarterly Newsletter on marketing, membership sales statistics and ways to improve your success
  • Options for own website with quoting engines to generate income or do own marketing
  • Ability via PALMS to create Referral Circles with other members
  • Membership Insignia outlining experience and education

Together, FirstLIFE members support 9 of South Africa’s top insurance brands, and we are proud to say that we can provide the South African consumer with quality advisors, offering quality fully underwritten insurance, which because they have been correctly advised will provide financial security for 1000’s of families in the future.

Our support team is made up of CFP® level financial advisors, who have been working with our system for over 5 years, and can share successful strategies our members.

Membership fees are R595 (inclusive) per month for a minimum of 6 months.

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  • > Best Life Insurance Leads Key Benefits of FirstLIFE Leads:

    Fresh Prospects Daily

    Quality Profiles

    No Upfront Payments

    No Commission Splits

    Lead Management Tool (PALMS)

  • > FirstLIFE Membership Key Benefits of Membership:

    Access to PALMS

    Exclusive Access to leads

    Cash Back Credits

    Ongoing Support

    Personalised Marketing